Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey

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  Why is it that companies make logos and corporate identities, and newly-opened restaurants hold big singing and dancing events in front of their restaurants? Why are magazine advertisements filled with extravagant photo spreads with catchy phrases? The one thing that enters all people's eyes in the same way is a first impression. Content is also important but above all is something that catches people's eyes. Instead of explaining something in words, it is much more effective for people to see something directly with their eyes.

  There are many things which can be used for lavish ornamentation. If people's attention is captured by flashy athleticism as they flip through their TV channels, they could become potential fans. A single photo in a sports newspaper or on a website can have just this effect. A photo might even be more effective than a TV video. Since just a single photo can capture an event's character and show the tension and excitement, this impact can surpass even the imagination.

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  However, taking such pictures is just the first challenge. Not just anyone can take these photos just by clicking away, but rather it requires someone who understands the flow of an event and can capture a moment precisely. Because each sport has its own special characteristics, when taking photos, difficulties can be magnified and ice hockey presents quite specific challenges. The action is very fast and while the players look quite large due to all their equipment, the puck is very small. If a spectator misses just a moment of the action in ice hockey, it's sometimes difficult to follow the position of the puck. On the other hand, because ice hockey is an indoor sport then it is absolutely dependent on the lighting system. One characteristic of indoor sports with respect to photography conditions is that the environment is very dark. The shutter speed must be very short to account for the fast action of ice hockey, but there is insufficient light. Moreover, acrylic plastic must be used to protect the photography equipment, so it's very difficult to take clear photos. That is, it's really not easy to take sharp impactful photos that aren't blurry or shaky in any way. 

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  Nowadays, since cameras have improved in quality, the limitations caused by lack of lighting in indoor venues have been reduced. Even so, capturing ice hockey photos has not become any easier. It's just that the most basic aspect has greatly improved. Because the photo subjects in ice hockey, as well as most other sports, are in motion, it's difficult to take photos with precisely the size and composition that you want. The photo subject might be too small, or one part of the scene could be cut off. Although the photo might be out of focus or the photo wasn't taken at just the right moment, subjects which are too small can be enlarged to an appropriate size and the composition of the photos can be adjusted through an editing process. Essentially, we can say that the most important task of taking photos is clearly capturing just the right moment.

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  The numerous photos on Halla's homepage reflect a somewhat lacklustre character. It looks like they just picked out a few shots from the 2009-2010 season that happened to turn out clearly. That is, there is no sense of tension or excitement in any of the photos. It's also too bad that they didn't make use of the chance to enlarge the photos as websites allow large photos to be displayed. The photos from the 2010-2011 season show some improvement but it is still rather underwhelming. It's hard to imagine that these photos could attract anyone's attention. Halla employs a professional photographer, yet still there is no distinct difference between these photos and photos which could be taken by fans from their seats. Photos taken by a knowledgable hockey photographer need to be effective and diverse, but unfortunately these qualities do not apply to these photos.

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  Compared to the number of games, the number of updated photos is really lacking. The photos amount to just 16 photos for a couple of big games and about 8 photos for regular games. A game consists of three periods, each period is 20 minutes, and the intermissions between periods are about 15-20 minutes. Whether there were goals scored or not, the number of exciting moments must surely amount to more than 14 photos. If we include the various events between periods, then surely the number of photos must be more than 100. Fourteen photos would not even allow each player to be shown in a photo. With this approach to photos, we couldn't even dream of using photos for the purpose of marketing.

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  The things that can be done with photos are endless. Photos can serve as a record of games which are played or provide souvenirs for players. In terms of marketing, the issue is much more complex. If the club orders photos from a photo studio, there must be constant negotiation between the photo studio and the club in order for the studio to provide appropriate photos. The photos might include event photos or sponsor photos. Obviously game action photos would be included, too. If the club wants to display individual photos of each player, then they need to find an impactful photo of each player in action. Without prior planning, this kind of task could be like finding a needle in a haystack. With prior planning, the photographer would need to take a clear photo of each player. The photos the fans want to see are exciting action shots which convey a strong feeling. If fans post their favorite photos on personal blogs, this could serve as a form of promotion to expand the club's public profile, even without using established media such as live broadcasts or newspapers.

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  Incomplete aspects within the club can also be solved in other ways. The era of mono-dimensional service has passed. It is not sufficient to just show people things to look at. It is an era when people want to participate in things themselves. When people are given an opportunity to participate then it will attract fans. There was an event in Japan before the start of the 2011-2012 season. This event was a exhibition of photos taken by the fans themselves. It may seem like a small event but it was an innovative way to encourage fan participation. For example, figure skating has experienced a huge increase in popularity thanks to Yuna Kim, and the photos which have become most well-known are not photos taken by professional photographers, but rather photos taken in the rink by fans themselves. For sports like ice hockey which can provide intensity over extended periods of time, more diverse photos can attract people's attention. Images of cheering fans or fun images can also convey a positive impact. If these kinds of photos are displayed in the rink and prizes awarded, not only would more fans participate but it could also encourage more fans to attend games.

  Photos are a very effective and important way to attract fans and to show ice hockey's exciting character. Photos are not necessarily an essential element during games but photos are vital for a feeling of continuity which remains after games have been played. If this visual effect is not offered for people to see, then a powerful way to hold onto current fans and attract new fans has been lost. For this reason, we can say that photos are an absolute must in marketing.

  In the next section, let's deal with the issue of harmonizing with the flow of an ever-changing era.

                                                                            Translation : Peter

아이스하키 발전과 대중화를 위한 필수과제 - 홈페이지 관리, 마케팅 활성화의 필수 요건 1편
Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 1: Homepage Management, Necessary Requirements for Marketing Vitality

아이스하키 발전과 대중화를 위한 필수과제 - 현장 이벤트, 현장 마케팅의 핵심 2편
Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 2: On-Site Events, The Core of On-Site Marketing

아이스하키 발전과 대중화를 위한 필수과제 - 잘 찍은 사진 한 컷이 수십 억 마케팅을 대신한다 3편
Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 3: One Great Photo is Worth Millions in Marketing

아이스하키 발전과 대중화를 위한 필수과제 - 떠오르는 미디어, 모바일을 선점하라 4편
Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 4: Rising Media, Embrace Mobile Devices

아이스하키 발전과 대중화를 위한 필수과제 - 마케팅의 핵심, 스폰서를 감동시켜라 5편
Requirements for the Development and Popularization of Ice Hockey:
Part 5: The Core of Marketing, Attracting Sponsors

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